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Fashion is part of the capital’s very fabric

LONDON is fashion. And today, the Evening Standard reveals the Fashion Power 100 — our ultimate list of the industry’s power players, from high street to high-end.

Fashion is not just about looking and feeling good — it makes a vital contribution to the British economy. The industry employs almost 900,000 people and contributes £21 billion to the economy. Moreover, its wider contribution in influencing other sectors is valued at £16 billion, according to the British Fashion Council.

Indeed, the UK fashion industry is of similar size to the telecommunications sector and larger than the automotive sector. And while cars may get you where you need to be, clothes will do it in style. Tonight, the Fashion Awards are returning to the Royal Albert Hall. More than an opportunity to congratulate winners for their innovative and creative designs, it is also about celebrating British fashion for the world-leading, economy-driving and taste-changing giant it has long been.





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